Welcome to Health Biomarkers

Health Biomarkers Sweden AB was founded in 2008 by scientists from Stockholm University and Karolinska Hospital. We develop biomarkers for individualized therapy in medicine as well as for individualized training, healthy living and aging.

The biomarkers and the methods used for screening are based on well-documented research results developed by Health Biomarkers Sweden in close collaboration with Stockholm University and Karolinska Hospital

A Biomarkers can be defined as a characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological and pathogenic processes or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention”. In medicine numerous biomarkers have been identified that serve as indicators of a specific disease, such as PSA for prostate cancer or glucose levels for diabetes. Health Biomarkers Sweden has focused on biomarkers that monitor the cellular capacity to coop with reactive oxygen species (ROS). Important cellular components in the defense against ROS are antioxidants, and during optimal conditions there is a balance between ROS levels and levels of antioxidants. In a situation when ROS levels exceed the antioxidant capacity, cellular components can be oxidized and cellular functions impaired.

In the last decades evidence has accumulated that chemical stress induced by ROS is correlated with many age related diseases such as certain types of cancer and cardio vascular diseases. These diseases are also closely correlated with certain life styles. In many countries programs have started that aim to change the life styles of people, and preventive medicine has become an important tool where programs for healthy living include such things as physical activity, dietary advices, and screening of biomarkers correlated with health status.

Health Biomarkers Sweden has developed an assay to monitor 8-oxo-dG in serum, saliva or urine that serves as biomarker of oxidative stress. In the folder "Research" we present how this biomarker can be used for individualized therapy in medicine as well as for individualized training, healthy living and aging.